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Who are you?
Hätä-Miikka, mostly known as one fourth of the Finnish rapgroup Gasellit.

What’s golf to you?
I used to hate golf and I had a mindset that I would never enjoy playing it. Once I got to try it a couple of years ago, I simply fell in love. I really try to play as much as I can, averaging somewhere around 80-120 rounds a year. It’s both, relaxing and challenging.

Target handicap?
I’ve been taking it easy and I’m not too hard on myself. Something around 10-15 would sure be nice!

Favorite item in your bag?
I’m very pleased with all the items in my bag right now, even though they give me hard time on and off… I love my new Odyssey Ten series-putter and my pure Callaway-set.

To all my main golfing buddies, especially Eero, Youssef, Galis, Cayenne Senior and Young Batman that I play with the most! And my man Micke from Callaway!

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