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Pierre Jacques Yves

Who are you?
My Name is Pierre Greilsamer but I got a very long French nickname: Pierre Jacques Yves! I’m 37 and living between Paris and the south French west coast. I run a creative design agency Wrks agency, handle marketing for a German mobility start up unu, and I’m also DJing with the collective Coup dunsoir when we were allowed to party… I just dropped with 2 friends a golf side project: @therapygolfclub. Former snowboarder, I enjoy surfing & chilling when I can !

What’s golf to you?
Golf is the best therapy ever. I grew up with a complete golf addict grandpa, he used to bring me to club houses from 5 to 10 years old, but he never taught me how to love playing golf. I had some basics, but never hit a ball for a while. With no surprise, the pandemic brought me back to the course and that was the best thing ever. Being alone or with friends surrounded by outstanding landscapes to play the best game on earth.

Target handicap?
Handicap is definitely not a target in my vision of golf, to be honest I sometimes even don’t understand the rules of handicap (lol). I know that I want to do my first am tournament soon, and step up my game with passion and dedication. 

Favorite item in your bag?
My Longridge chipper putter. Definitely a magic stick for close approach around the green, I’ve heard it’s forbidden in competition, but I’m here for the fun!

Shootouts to my legendary crew I validated my golf green card with (Stephane, Alix & Vincent). And of course to my Therapygolfclub fam : @dougguillot & @alarripa !

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