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Tuukka Helminen

Who are you?
I am nobody tho my name is Tuukka Helminen. 

What’s golf to you?
Golf is havin a good time with your buddies. I love the peace and quietness around the course while walking to the next shot. Crazy how mental this game is too. 

Target handicap?
Never hit below 100 yet but I don’t sweat. 

Favorite item in your bag?
It’s my Ping Piper H putter. Big thx Makke Martikainen 4 the hookup! I love gadgets too so I gotta mention the Malbon Golf ball marker too.

Any favorite small businesses you like to mention/ promote in or outside golf?
N•33 Golf tee shaped toothpicks. Check @thenumberthirtythree on IG.

Photo: Tuukka Helminen •