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Toni Kerkelä

Who are you?
I’m Toni Kerkelä, professional snowboarder from Jyväskylä, Finland. Based in Helsinki nowadays.

What’s golf to you?
Some kind of meditation. Set your phone on airplane mode and enjoy the moment and nature with homies.

Target handicap?
I think my current hcp ~19 is nice for me. Lets see what next summer brings. Maybe we go back to +20 or closer to the 10 club 🙂

Favorite golf course?
Talma Golf’s Laakso was sick. Maybe because I played my best round there 87. 39 and 48. Was crazy. Went back there next week and again 87. Talma Golf pls sponsor me.

Favorite item in your bag?
Water bottle and ”the” iron 5.

To our Hirsala golf group Heljo, Teo and Miksu.