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Timo Pieni Huijaus

Who are you?
I am Timo Snellman, also known by my rap name Timo Pieni Huijaus. A rapper and a graphic designer from Helsinki, Finland.

What’s golf to you?
As an entrepreneur and creative worker I’m “always at work.” Golf means a 4-6 hour break for my brain, when I only think about the next shot. Golf has brought mental and physical balance to my life. I play around 100 to 150 rounds per year. 

Target handicap?
I’m very pleased with the current handicap 12,1. But my target is to be single again during this season.

Favorite item in your bag?
Hard to choose just one. Master Yoda head cover for my driver, BushnellTourV4 rangefinder and ScottyCameron FuturaX5 putter are my must haves.

Any favorite small businesses you like to mention or promote?
Malbongolf, BogeyBoys & Pare

Photos: Timo Snellman •