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Taylor Johnson

Who are you?
Taylor Johnson, Tee it up Tay, 3 Stripe Tay etc… Golf Marketing Manager for @golfgoodr, Creative (All over the place but sometimes @whif_media), boyfriend, brother and randomly a model.

What’s golf to you?
Golf is my zen and my creative space. There’s not many things in life that beat watching a sunrise at a golf course, bumping music on a speaker and writing a double bogey on a scorecard after hole 1.

Target handicap?
I don’t care about the number, let me just hit the ball consistently.

Favorite golf course?
I continuously ask @sandpipergolfclub to marry me yet they haven’t yet… I have the ring and everything.

Favorite item in your bag?
My speaker. Can’t golf without music.

I’ve got a lot… golf is a independent sport but I’ve met so many impactful people throughout the last three years so please show love to @danny_wax @thefutureofgolf @raddagolf @maxgarciuhhh @palmgolfco @ahaynes01 @fairgamegolf @groupgolftherapy @hafe_life @jeffers0nwhite @julianphiliprodriguez @jlindebergsport My Dad and 1,000 other people.

Photos: Taylor Johnson – Matt Aylward – Matt Junior