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Sami Halme

Who are you?
Sami Halme aka El Maestro, singer in @st.hood and @becomeathreat. A school teacher by choice, a poet by chance, a coordinator at @mll_fi @mllkaakkoissuomenpiiri and a part time trainer at @golfliitto and @draiviakouluun. A below average disc golfer, a shitty snowboarder and a wannabe ultra runner. I am an all around sports enthusiast and a loving husband. A co-founder and a board member of a charity icehockey team @hcleso.

What’s golf to you?
Golf is passion and a way of life. A cruel mistress and a devourer of souls. An unclimbed mountain and an unexplored sea. A mystery that never stops amazing. A sun that  never sets and a rainbow in the dark. Golf is love and the best of times – the finer things in life.

Target handicap?
Get back to under 8 but mostly just trying to find my swing again. My main aim is to enjoy every round to the fullest with good friends.

Favorite golf course?
I’d like to think I haven’t played that course yet. Trying to find good experiences and beauty in every course I get to play. But I always flag for my local @koskigolf for the spirit and vision.

Favorite item in your bag?
My center shafted Scotty Cameron Studio Select putter that I gave to my father years ago and got back after he went to play the heavenly greens. Not the greatest putter but this is how I cherish his memory and still can blame him for all the 3-putt greens.

Always appreciate and support friends and people who do incredible things for the sake of others and make the world a better place. A big heartfelt hug to my Anteromasters brother @esa_anterok and my @tfgdiscgolf step brothers for being real. A big shoutout to @marshmaille for this beautiful thing of yours. Keep on keeping on! And thanks T-bag @twokahelminen for the introduction and huge heart.