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Who are you?
Rae Sada Head of Global eCommerce for Interscope Records working also professional as a model and content creator. Collaborated with several high-level brands including Adidas Originals, Gap, Mitchell & Ness, Saturday’s NYC, Standard Issue, Vetements, Alo, and Undefeated.

What’s golf to you?
Golf for me, is a family tradition and shared love between my father and I. I was introduced to golf at a very young age as my father was an avid scratch golfer. Since I could pick up a club, I was on the golf course learning how to play the game. My father’s love for the game was handed down a generation and I have been on the golf course ever since.  Whenever I step on a golf course, no matter where I am – I feel close to my father who cherished this game more than any other sport.

Target handicap?
Target Handicap would have to be a 65 – I never said I was a “great” player, just love the game.

Favorite golf course?
Rockrimmin Golf Course in Stamford, CT –  it is the nostalgia this course brings for me as this is where I learned to play the game.

Favorite item in your bag?
My masters golf towel – no doubt.

Shoutout to my dad for being the most skilled golfer I know and for introducing me to the sport.