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Patricia Callahan

Who are you?
Hey. I am Patricia Callahan from San Jose, California. My golf community calls me “Ice.” 

What’s golf to you?
Pure happiness. Nothing like getting to your tee time, settling in and getting out in nature to challenge yourself while hanging with friends and family.

Target handicap?
16 – I am so close and of course Joe Montana (Faithful).

Favorite golf course?
I love all golf courses. 🙂 But a couple hometown favorites are Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, Saratoga Country Club & Pasatiempo Golf Club.

Favorite item in your bag?
Right now, I would say my Callaway 9-wood, just sank my first hole-in-one with it this past April.

My golf coach, who is also my Grandpa. Along with my Bay Area golf community. We are building something special out here.