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Oscar Sanclemente

Who are you?
My name is Oscar Sanclemente and I am the GM at Cafe Leon Dore flagship in NYC.

What’s golf to you?
Golf has helped to shape my character in many ways. It has taught me a great deal of patience and mental fortitude. I regularly reference the importance of forgetting the bad shots and focusing on the good ones.

Target handicap?
Target handicap for me would be somewhere low 80s. Although I am greatly competitive, just getting out there with friends and having a go is more than I could ask for.

Favorite golf course?
Favorite golf course to date has been Sky Mountain Golf course in Hurricane, Utah. Unbelievable backdrops!

Favorite item in your bag?
My favorite item in my golf bag would likely be my 6iron. 

I want to encourage anyone who thinks golf isn’t for them, to give it a go and continue to breakthrough the golf norm stigmas! It’s a beautiful game to be enjoyed by everyone!