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Who are you?
Hi team I’m David aka Morpheus on the networks. I’m a journalist, I’ve hosted a lot of shows on radio france, including one on french hip hop. I’m a big fan of rap and streetwear and I play golf for 15 years.

What’s golf to you?
Golf for me is life, a way to leave the effervescence of Paris, to find myself and think only of my games, golf takes a big place in my life but I am a golfer of the new generation. I like fun and in France there is still everything to develop, golf allows me to escape and discover the world differently.

Target handicap?
I don’t play for the ranking, nor to be the best, I’m already trying to play against myself and to show that everyone can play golf, whatever their social class, golf is not only the swing or ranking, it is a great game.

Favorite golf course?
My favorite golf course is close to Paris, it’s the Ile Fleurie golf course @ilefleurie_golfclub it’s a magnificent 9 hole with a real story, in addition the boss has the same vision as me of the future of golf, there has a multitude of golf close to Paris.

Favorite item in your bag?
It’s a difficult question already I like all the golf equipment I’m addicted, but I really like my bag and golf bags in general to have even more style, I also really like my 9 iron and my balls with my head on it in short I like my material.

A big up to all those who are trying to change and make golf in France more accessible to my team at Ile Fleurie, a big big up to French golfers and to @srixoneurope and @clevelandgolfeurope and long live golf big up to my photographer @vu.par.jeunexx. Peace