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Max Machado

Who are you?
My name is Max Machado. I am a former college golfer. I currently create illustrations and graphics for golf brands worldwide.

What’s golf to you?
Golf is borderline a religion for me. It has taught me, shaped me and provided for me the majority of my life.

Target handicap?
I haven’t had a handicap in several years. My goal now is just to get out on the course as much as possible.

Favorite golf course?
Favorite all time course is Puerto del Sol in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s my home course. It’s just 9 holes out by the airport. It has everything you need without any pretentious attitudes. I can go out there in a t shirt and sweats and feel right at home.

Favorite item in your bag?
Probably my Ping G5 3wood. It’s an ancient relic as far as golf equipment goes. I’ve had it since college. It’s “old reliable”.

Shoutout to the Calamari Boys, the LLC Crew and most importantly my loving wife and kids!

Photos: @young_dirty – @trapgord – @duck85__