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Max Garcia

Who are you?
I am a 26 year old Golfer, Entrepreneur, photographer, videographer, amateur coffee and cigar snob, snowboarder, Master Club fitter and builder, and lover of all life has to offer who was brought to this earth by Kiki Garcia, a teaching pro and golf course general manager, and Jeannie Garcia, a cosmetologist/ business owner turned award winning full time mom.

What’s golf to you?
Golf is my foundation. For me it goes beyond just being a game. I learned life long lessons as a kid earning my “free golf” at @generaloldgolfcourse doing everything from cart kid duties, assisting/ terrorizing the pro shop staff and being dads side kick through out the day. That same type of “lesson learning” continued when working for  Taylormade Golf, Malbon Golf, Erik Anders Lang, San Gabriel CC and a few other CC’s and GC’s aswell. Simply put, it’s made me who I am.

Target handicap?
My target Handicap currently is 0.0 I’ve been 2.9 at my lowest and now hover around a 5. But when the times right, we are putting in that work and going low.

Favorite golf course?
General Old GC is my home and San Gabriel CC is my favorite course to play on a regular basis!

Favorite item in your bag?
My favorite item in my bag is my 56. It does it all and has “ALL GOOD ALL WAYS” stamped on it. Words of my favorite F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo.

@kikigarciagolf @jeannieshealthjourney @julizzile #1 sister @raddagolf @adam_dinaully @sangabrielcountryclub @z_ashmann & all the homies! Y’all know who you are! Much love to all.

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