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Matt Kang

Who are you?
My name is Matt Kang I’m a pro golfer/ creative from Toronto Canada …but currently living in Phoenix Arizona.

What’s golf to you?
Golf is a job but is also a creative outlet for myself to open doors and push the boundaries of this game in as many ways possible…

Target handicap?
I’m a plus 4.. but I’d like to be a zero so I would win more money game with the dogs…

Favorite item in your bag?
Carmex chapstick.. my lips be hella chapped and can’t be making putts with a split lip.

Favorite golf course?
Caledonia golf club in Chiba Tokyo Japan…the food, service and conditions are unmatched..

My sniper gang members..Gabe kiko Christian Oliver Boston Santi…these guys are the future of the game and have been supporting my journey from day 1