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Juston Tucker

Who are you?
I’m Juston Tucker, Head of Product Design for Puma Golf. An avid golf and art lover, who transitioned into the industry from the Skate, Surf and Streetwear world with 20 years’ experience ranging from working at a skateshop, to packing boxes, doing graphic design, and then designing footwear and apparel.

What’s golf to you?
Golf to me is a time to be with friends both new and old, share some laughs, a beer maybe, win some money or even lose some, I just enjoy being out there. It’s the perfect blend of aindividual activity mixed into a social setting.

Target handicap?
Currently sitting at 16.2 but shooting to get down to an industry 8! 

Favorite golf course?
Before last week, my answer would have been PGA West, played 36 holes out there last year on my birthday with my best friend Bob Sattler (Dunes & Mountain Course) but I just got back from the CPG PRO-AM up in Monterey and had the pleasure of playing Pebble Beach, and toosay it was incredible would be an understatement, best 5.5 hours I’ve ever spent on a course.

Favorite item in your bag?
My new Cobra LTDxdriver, I can miss hit that thing all day and still find the fairway! But a close second would be the warm ModeloI find in my bag atleastonce a month. 

All my friends in our COVID-19 Social Club group text, one of the few bright spots coming out of the last 2 years was reconnecting with a bunch of old friends from around the country, my original golf mentor Sam Rattowho really introduced me to the game during some Friday rounds at Little Rec in Long Beach, all my friends who joined the golf club Bobby and I created “Thursdays Golf Club” and lastly all my new friends and co-workers at Puma Golf.