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Jimmy Carbonetti

Who are you?
My name is Jimmy Carbonetti. I grew up in NYC. I have a band called Caveman where I play guitar. I have a guitar shop in Brooklyn where I build instruments from scratch and now also special small batch putters with Toulon Golf and fully obsessed with the game of golf.

What’s golf to you?
I’ve realized how similar the golf and music world is. For me It brings people together from around the world who some times wouldn’t even have much in common. Community is huge for me with my guitar shop, band and now in the golf world. To be able to go walk around a beautiful park to play a game and get to know people is amazing. Especially in NYC. Golf has brought my family close and made amazing new friends.

Target handicap?
Somthin’ nice.

Favorite golf course?
Wentworth By The Sea Country Club in Rye, NH. My grandparents met there and I learned golf from my grandmother there. Very special place to our family. 

Favorite item in your bag?
My brand new Toulon – Meadow Club Small batch putter. Special to have alittle piece of Alister Mackenzie’s first north American course in your hands while putting. 

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