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Who are you?
Creator of Amateur Golf Collective & The AGC Shop – the first and only purely independently stocked golf website in the world.

What’s golf to you?
Sounds crazy and a bit deep but it literally saved my life and I live and breath it everyday. I see it as privilege to work in the game and I am grateful everyday for it.

Target handicap?
This season 15hcp and then we’ll see.

Favorite golf course?
Having only started playing a few years ago, every new course is my favourite until the next one. No matter the standard I just enjoy playing a new track.

Favorite item in your bag?
Club wise my custom designed putter by @_sink_golf_ every element tells a story and it has #indygolf on the bottom so I love it. My others are the ball markers my wife got me, on has a Dinosaur on it and the other is made by @northernballmarkers markers and has my daughters hand.

The biggest shout out is to my wife and daughter, they are why I push everyday to succeed. Sounds mad but I’ve met so many incredible people in golf that I now have the honour of calling friends I just want to thank GOLF for creating these connections and relationships…I use the ethos across AGC – We Are Collectively Better and I truly believe that so thank you all…Big Love Indy Golf.