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Jack Norman

Who are you?
Someone who is full throttle, catching a bug and obsessing. I tried my hand at a few hobbies, but just over a year ago, picking up a club again after a 10-year hiatus, it was different with golf. Alongside cooking a lot of dinners for my wife and hanging out with my Dachshund Chip, golf has integrated into my life and has an influence in most things I do.

What’s golf to you?
Ok, so imagine this. You move 4,000 miles around the world and don’t know a single soul in your new city. You get chatting to a random dude on Instagram and arrange to meet up at his local muni. This then leads to a series of events that helps you find a support system in the craziest city in the world. That’s golf.

Target handicap?
Prefer not to focus on scores/handicaps as when I do I enjoy the round much less. More about the walk and talk!

Favorite golf course?
Got a lot of time for Skyway in Jersey. Always plays true and is on an insane piece of land. In the UK, it’s Beaverbook hands down.

Favorite item in your bag?
Has to be my set of Fujimoto irons. I inherited the PW & 8 irons then contacted the factory directly to get the 6 & 4 to complete the half set. They’re head turners for sure, but also feel great and play really well.

How accessible golf is for you living in NYC? 
Public golf in New York is one-of-a-kind. For the most part, you don’t play golf for the golf. It’s the anticipation of all the unknowns for me. Who you’ll bump into also riding the 1 up to the oldest course in the country. Or which starter you’ll meet today and if their tenure prevails their colleague you met last week. People may think you’re crazy due to he long car rides or treks across the city with your sticks – but it’s definitely worth it!

Too many. A few call outs to some individuals who are really pushing things forward for the game we love… @AceQuest – featured in the story above, @tanmanforlife aka. Mr @publicdripgolf, @shank.haney, @gumtreegolfandnature, @carbonettiguitars, @noahsspoons, @danieldaniel.jpg, @zanescotlandgolf, @fyfegolf.