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Jack Fardell

Who are you?
Jack Nicklaus Fardell, pro skateboarder and co founder of @walkergolfthings.

What’s golf to you?
Golf is a connection to all the things i love, my family, friends, the outdoors, my country, skateboarding and meeting new people.

Target handicap?
I haven’t kept a handicap in a couple years, when i cared too much and played off scratch i didn’t enjoy it as much. I’m happy to get a couple strokes back and have fun.

Favorite golf course?
Capital golf course in Canberra, Australia. First course I ever played with my Dad, he’s still a member there. It isn’t pretty but it sure is fun.

Favorite item in your bag?
All the clubs in my bag are @trottiegolf hand me downs.. My favorite is probably the custom purple Taylormade spider X he gave me, Its a couple inches too short and i bent the loft down by hand but it’s won me a couple bucks recently. 

My wife and loving family, @walkergolfthings crew, @adidasskateboarding and @adidasgolf crew.