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Henke Svensson

Who are you?
My name is Henke Svensson, 6’9 and 280-pound ”bon vivant” retired b-baller from Åhus, Sweden // Co-founder of Swedish lifestyle golf brand Local Rule // Foodie // Former RTT Champ.

What’s golf to you?
Look bad, feel bad, hit bad. And vice versa. Pure happiness.

Target handicap?
I wouldn’t mind low single digits.

Favorite golf course?
My home course @kristianstadsgolfklubb in Åhus, just amazing!! 

Favorite item in your bag?
My driving iron and all the Local Rule accessories.

Everyone grinding it out @localrule and to everyone we have linked with through IG, My dad (seen in the Saab 900 trunk) who introduced golf to me, RTT Tour Brullis, @marshmaille, @erikanderslang, @hurjaedo, @hypegolfjapan, @anticountryclubtokyo, @yosukesasagawa, @kazukihamano , last but not least my lovely family and all the Bens.