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Hayato Takahashi

Who are you?
I’m Hayato Takahashi. Beamsgolf crew. Beams and Wind shop manager.

What’s golf to you?
Essential in my life. I learned a lot from golf.

Target handicap?
Handicap 4, best score 68 (-4).

Favorite golf course?
Koshigaya Golf Club. Because you can play golf in American style.

Favorite item in your bag?
Golf Bag: Jones
Name tag: H2t_golf
Key ring: Golfickers
Head covers: Monzee, Seamus, Malbongolf, Iliacgolf & Jancraiggolf.

Beamsgolf, Clubhaus, Golfickers, Anticountryclub, H2t_golf

Photos: Hayato Takahashi •