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Haruka Okuyama

Who are you?
I’m Haruka Okuyama, working at the car dealership. Love Corvette and Golf!!

What’s golf to you?
Holiday entertainment and meeting new people. Golf can connect people that I never expected to encounter. I met lots of people thru playing golf.

Target handicap?
Never really think about handicap but I will try to learn how to get it as I play a lot more.

Favorite item in your bag?
Deepaxx77 Sun screen cream and body hair mist spray, Eyevol official sun glasses and Honey plum that you can get at Seven Eleven.

My husband, who gave me the opportunity to play golf!! He takes me to driving range and bunch of courses all the time!! I can enjoy playing golf all the time because of him. Also, my friend @kenyask8, who always goes to the courses with me all the time!!