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Haruka Ogo

Who are you?
Hi, I’m Haruka. Golf adrenaline junkie.

What’s golf to you?
What makes me smile endlessly with my loved ones. It’s taught me to enjoy the moment and keep swinging. Always enjoy the moment my soul and the shot and the nature just clicks and create the best shot.

Target handicap?

Favorite golf course?
Oarai Golf Club. Excited to discover more.

Favorite item in your bag?
Sim 2 driver. No doubt. And the cool stuff my golf crew creats. @golfickers towel, @h2t_golf name tag @johnmastersorganics_japan @anticountryclubtokyo Sunscreen.

To my girls, love y’all. @eritsukimoto, @aaa___i718, @nananatsuho, @yuka__golf, @yui_iida, @ogawa.marina.

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