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Greg Perry

Who are you?
I’m Greg Perry aka @greggygolf, Greggo, G-man. Husband, Father & Full time Dreamer.

What’s golf to you?
Golf to me is my creative space, a place where I get to truly be myself. To let my mind be free from everyday life. It’s also given me a chance to challenge myself every time I play and connect with new people.

Target handicap?
Currently don’t have a handicap, Just realistic expectations. I just try to keep it in play!

Favorite golf course?
I’ve always had this affinity with Pebble Beach, never been, but I just know it would hit all the right feels.

Favorite item in your bag?
Has to be my bag tag that says ‘Good Round’ just a reminder every time I walk off the course that no matter how I’ve played it’s just good to be out there. No bad rounds, just Good times.

Just a massive thankyou to everyone that’s stuck around for the ride. Nothing but love and gratitude. Special mentions for the support @laurajayneperry @lyleandscott @birdsofcondor @davidbartlettgolfproffesional @thetattooedgolfcoach @perry.images