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Geoff Cottrill

Who are you?
Geoff Cottrill, CMO at Topgolf.

What’s golf to you?
To me, golf is all about friendships. There’s nothing better than an early morning on the course with good friends laughing, competing, and enjoying the beauty of the course.

Target handicap?
Hmm….well I’m a pretty lousy golfer who is aspiring to be better every time I pick up a club. 

Favorite golf course?
Bobby Jones, a public course in Atlanta. It’s close to home, it’s where I often go at 7am to hit balls on the range, and it’s open to everyone. I love the fact that all levels of golfers are there so I’m never intimidated when I play. 

Favorite item in your bag?
My Callaway JAWS 60 degree wedge. It just feels so good in my hands and it’s the club I hit well most consistently!

Love to the great crew I work with everyday at Topgolf. They are making me a better leader, and golfer. Malbon Golf – love what they are doing to bring a new sense of style and fun to the game.