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Eric Chun

Who are you?
Eric Jae Han Chun. I’m a professional golfer and co-founder of 45G (@45g_official).

What’s golf to you?
It’s the sweetest and most annoying friend. If golf was actually a person I would be in jail for committing murder. 

Target handicap?
I want to play boring rounds. Fairways and greens.

Favorite golf course?
The Old course at St. Andrews. I was fortunate to play in The Open Championship at St. Andrews in 2010. I was still in college and to play in my first major championship at St. Andrews was unreal. 

Favorite item in your bag?
The one I’m about to hit next.

Shoutout to the 45G team, Tylor Kim (@tylor_world) and Tyler Byun (@tyler_byun).