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Dustin Canalin

Who are you?
Dustin Canalin aka DOC®. I’m a creative director, designer, entrepreneur & artist from the Bay Area currently in NYC. I’m a Co-founder of @TrophyHunting and also creative consultant.

What’s golf to you?
I think of golf as “streetwear” for the 40ish & up. It has its own culture and community all rooted in style and sport. I obsess over the heritage & classic design that accompanies the game, so golf is a huge inspiration to me. It allows me to travel to meet up with friends all around the world and also meet new people.

Target handicap?
I don’t have a target handicap. My goal is to play 100 rounds a year.

Favorite golf course?
Corica in Alameda, Ca. My hometown course. Grew up playing there. It’s 2 minutes from my brother’s house where I stay when I’m there.

Favorite item in your bag?
Vintage Scotty Cameron Putter from 1995. 
(Doesn’t help my putting)

Shout out my Dad. When he retired and started to play a lot, he got pretty good. So when I traveled back to the Bay to visit family, golf made it possible for me to hang out with him and my brother for 5 hours on the course. After losing $50 worth of Pro V’s every trip, I knew I had to step my game up. Now I want to play every day