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Douglas Guillot

Who are you?
My name is Douglas, I’m a film director at @davidanddouglas. Recently I started a new side project called @therapygolfclub with 3 friends.

What’s golf to you?
I like being in the middle of nature, playing with my friends. There is a real therapeutic effect. I feel this game also allows you to analyze and learn to know yourself better.

Target handicap?
+10 would be great, I’ve never been a very competitive person but what I like about golf is that you have to fight yourself first.

Favorite golf course?
@golfdeseignosse I grew up there in the south west of France between the forest and the ocean. It’s a beautiful and very technical golf course that offers great views at sunrise and sunset, you can even see the ocean at the end of the 18th. I think it’s essential for a golf course to be visually strong to accentuate that immersion in the game.

Favorite item in your bag?
My 56° Cleveland RTX 588 black edition.

Shoutouts to my @therapygolfclub fam @pierrejacquesyves @alarripa @borisfrantz , my golf partner @fairway_fred @davemanaud.

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