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Darin Howard

Who are you?
Skateboarder turned golfer. Co-founder of @theforemat. But more importantly a father.

What’s golf to you?
I want it to be a fun challenge, a great walk with friends. Sometimes it’s a mental marathon. 

Target handicap?
Would love to get back to a single digit. Hovering at 11 currently.

Favorite golf course?
That’s a hard question to answer. So many great courses out there and they’re played different every time. Roosevelt is a great short track I play often.

Favorite item in your bag?
My Scotty. 

The Foremat team, Ryan, Daniel and Matt. Metalwood Studios. The Calamari gang. Matt Myers and Adidas Golf. My friends. My beautiful family. I love you all. 

Photos: Darin Howard – Ryan Thomas Murray – Joe Brook – Willie T

Photo: Ryan Thomas Murray
Photo: Joe Brook
Photo: Willie T
Photo: Ryan Thomas Murray