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Cyndi Sia

Who are you?
Hey, I’m Cyndi from Seoul. I’m the social media manager for @hypegolfkorea and an avid golfer.  I also started a brand called @duffer_golf for golf girls that want to dress casual to the course, like me!

What’s golf to you?
Golf is like a relationship. I need to spend time and money. And whenever I think I get it, the next day I’m back at square one. It’s emotionally exhausting, yet I’m obsessed. Ooh.. that sounds toxic. 

Target handicap?
Target is to shoot in the 70s from the whites. I’ll be happy with a 79. But reality is, I shoot mid 80s.

Favorite golf course?
I grew up playing at Los Verdes GC in Palos Verdes, and that’s honestly the only course I know hole by hole. But in Korea, I would say Haenam Pine Beach CC.

Favorite item in your bag?
I have a Divot/ball marker tool from my first gallery outing at an LPGA tournament back in 2005. Club wise. I still hold on to my Tour Action Cleveland 56* from 2006. 

Everyone on my team at Hypegolf and my old team back @pgatour_korea. I wouldn’t have gotten back into golf if it weren’t for them (I didn’t touch my clubs for almost 8 years).