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Who are you?
Ben & James, founders of @club72_golf. Lifelong friends who set-out to provide a retail outlet that offered more than just mainstream brands.
Experiencing the new movement found in US & Korean golfing communities, we wanted to bring that vibe to British shores. Allowing like-minded golfers the means to express themselves on & off the course.
In 2023 we launched Club72. A platform that curate’s apparel from golf’s foremost & contemporary brands.

What’s golf to you?
J: A lifestyle & a passion. A means to relax & enjoy quality time with friends old & new. It brings me happiness & an appreciation of enjoying something I love.
B: Golf allows me to escape the trials & tribulations of daily life. Golf is more than just a sport to me, it’s a way of life – socialising, exercise & therapy.

Target handicap?
B: If I could get down to a 12-14hcp this year I’d be over the moon. A solid summer of grind ahead.
J: Single figures is the dream; would be very happy to start shooting low 80s consistently. Shout out to @treyniven for helping me to get there!

Favorite golf course?
B: Either @berkhamstedgolfclub or @cleevehillgolfcourse. Awe inspiring in their own unique ways.
J: Been lucky enough to play some amazing tracks in US & Korea, I recently played Royal St George’s host of the149th Open, that was special.

Favorite item in your bag?
J: 8 iron or my Bettinardi putter, saved me on many an occasion!
B: My oldest club, recently given a paint job like that on a TVR Tuscan – TaylorMade R15 Hybrid.

J: I’m very lucky to run Club72 with my best mate & an obvious cliche, but my very supportive & talented wife MJ, she’s a full-blown golf widow, also being an artist & designer she has helped us develop Club72 a lot, check out her IG @minjookim_.
B: My wife Emily, she’s my rock & I don’t know where I’d be without her. And of course, my partner in crime James (aka Ingy) thanks for everything brother. It’s been one hell of a journey thus far & we’ve only just started.
Special mention to a few who have been huge advocates of Club72 since day 1 @probs028 @golfhipster @pitchmarkmedia @t_m_r_golf @thecaggiehandedgolfer @tomsgolfingjourney & our ambassador @georgedenleygolf – Endless thanks lads.