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Chuck Deal

Who are you?
I’m Chuck Deal, originally from Los Angeles, CA by way of Milwaukee, WI. I’m an amateur golfer and I work in real estate development. I also work in modeling and photography as well as a brand ambassador for Sacks Parente putters.

What’s golf to you?
Golf has been one of my favorite games since I picked it up in my junior year in high school, my buddy John Harrington’s dad gave me his old lefty set and from there I was hooked.

Target handicap?
I’m an 8 handicap right now and I’m working to get to scratch. I work with coach Keith Roberts at Weddington Golf in LA. He’s really built me a system to work with.

Favorite golf course?
I like playing courses everywhere, I don’t really have a favorite because I try to play a new course every month. If have to say I love Soule Park in Ojai, CA it’s about a 90 min drive from where I live. It’s nice. If I could name a few that stand out, I really like playing Angeles National, Coyote Hills, PGA West Stadium, Wilson & Harding in LA and La Costa in San Diego.

Favorite item in your bag?
I play Nike VR Pro II Blades, 2 iron thru lob wedge. I use Titleist TSi3 driver with Tour AZ iD shaft and Jumbomax grip and Titleist 915D 3 wood. And my Putter is a Sack Parente Series 66. Out of all that, I try to get the putter in my hand as fast as possible. It’s my most used club and if I’m within 60 feet I know I have a good chance to hole out.  I’m most competitive with my putting.

Shout out to Rob Webb at Fly Fairways Brand, he’s really making moves for the cool kids in golf. Also my brand Golph Athletics – Players and Hustlers, it’s in development but you can follow my blog on Instagram @golphathletics. Also Malbon Golf and everyone at the Club, they’re a great group of people now family. Also my golf fam! Y’all know who you are! Peace and blessings!