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Byron Atienza

Who are you?
I’m Byron, a creative spiritual being having a human experience.

What’s golf to you?
Loaded question. Golf is bliss. It’s a fleeting moment, a pause before we’re sucked back into the grind of the default world. There’s also a certain poetry to it all, a twisted metaphor for the tangled mess we call life. The way we navigate the fairways, the hazards, the unexpected twists and turns – it’s a mirror to our existence. When you’re in the zone, when every swing feels like a cosmic dance, you’re reminded of the delicate balance that holds us in this mad carnival. To me, golf is a test of your spirit, a challenge to see if you’ve got the GUTS to keep swinging, to claw your way back to the green, to fight the good fight.

Target handicap?
Anything under 10. Let’s say 3 lol. That number follows me like 11:11.

Favorite golf course?
Goat Hill Park.

Favorite item in your bag?
My Black Limited Edition Ping PLD PRIME TYNE 4 Putter. It has a stealthy panache and the mallet head resembles fangs. 

Salute to the infamous @othersgolfclub, known in its early days as ORC, a time when initiation meant enduring the searing of a cigarette burn on your right arm. Our time will come. And s/o to my big bro bro @johanlindeberg who showed me that being a creative force behind golf + style can exist.