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Bastien Frison

Who are you?
Bastien Frison, co-founder of Commune Golf and Birdiecoffee.

What’s golf to you?
A life saver, brain breaker, people gatherer. Best reason ever to be outside. The game of a lifetime I can share with the people I love, and a one-on-one meeting with myself at the same time. The only game that is not about winning or losing.

Target handicap?
Single digit. Just to be able to tell my grandkids “back in the days…”. But even if I am in heaven with any breaking-80 round, this is not my quest. I am looking for fun, shared moments and good memories… and a hole-in-one (cause I already have an albatross on a par-5)!

Favorite golf course?
The Oitavos Dunes, Portugal.

Favorite item in your bag?
The collection of left-over range tokens I will never use.

My wife and our 3 wild unicorns, my bro @vince_pages  @perly74 @halowita.production @lemulligan_ I would have loved to include @taylormadegolf but they never sent me the Stealth driver… I probably smell like sh*t.

Photos: Bastien Frison,