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Andrew Haynes

Who are you?
I’m Andrew Haynes, the Executive Creative Director at @fairgamegolf

What’s golf to you?
Golf is my escape. The energy and pace of NYC is great but can be overbearing at timeZ the course is my place to reset.

Target handicap?
Currently sitting at 16.2 but shooting to get down to an industry 8! 

Favorite golf course?
I need to practice more! Would love to get to a 10 this season.

Favorite item in your bag?
Favorite item in my bag is my driver headcover from x @pushcutcustom custom. 1 of 1!

Shoutout to my coworkers @adamscottofficial, @benclymer, @jaimiegeier and @ericmayville for allowing me to build out this brand with them!