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Andreas Duplantis

Who are you?
A Louisianan that loves people, clothes/products and sports.

What’s golf to you?
Surface level, the funnest game ever. Deeper, it’s a great way to connect with new people or spend quality time with loved ones. 

Target handicap?
8 would be pretty cool. I think I need Shank Haney lessons before that happens.

Favorite golf course?
In NY, Marine Park. Back home Beaver Creek in Zachary, LA. 

Favorite item in your bag?
Ping G25 20 Degree hybrid. Just one of those clubs that feels comfortable in hand. If the day is right it can be my Yes! Rachel putter. I bought it as a joke bc it’s the same name as my wife but that C-Groove face is actually amazing.

Mate NY, Hypegolf, Metal wood and Cole young, Bradford Wilson, Shank Haney, Quiet Golf, Raul Diaz studio, Christion Lennon, Chris Hovsepian, Ryan Link, Everydaydrew, Ryan Thomas Murray & Whimgolf.