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Alex James

Who are you?
HI – Alex James here. I am a Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, DJ, and Golfer. 

What’s golf to you?
An outlet for anger and joy. Also a time for meditation and refection. I love being outside and Golf gets me there.

Target handicap?
I am new to the game and want to aim for 20-25 handicap. I shooting under 100 with a focus on my swing and great ball contact.

Favorite golf course?
It’s a toss up between Grand Fields Country Club in Mishima Shizuoka Japan or Pearl Valley Western Cape, South Africa. Both are so beautiful that they look fake. A picture can never capture the realness. Shout out to my golf bro Will Eddins who I played both of these courses with.

Favorite item in your bag?
X-Set golf tees and My bag tag from Pelican Hill the day I got my first Hole in 1.

Shouts to Michael Huynh, Will Eddins, Kevin Wong, my father in law and my wife Sarah for putting the battery in my back for this journey.