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Adrien Larripa

Who are you?
I am Adrien Larripa, 36 yo, i was born and raised in the south west of France. I am the cofounder of different ventures in food and advertising, and i am a proud member of the Therapy Golf Club team!

What’s golf to you?
My father worked on the construction of a golf course for more than 10 years when i was a kid, so i had a chance to learn the basics. But i was a hockey player at that time so kinda Happy Gilmore with real anger management issues. I really started to enjoy it when i moved to Paris 10 years ago and now i try to convert all of my friends to the joys of golf!

Target handicap?
I have a gut feeling that 12 will be a tipping point (it was my number when i played ice hockey).

Favorite golf course?
The first 4 holes at Ilbarritz are so amazing, but for a full 18 holes, i would go to Bassussary, Arcangues or Biarritz where i won my first competition!

Favorite item in your bag?
This is hard, i buy so much stuff from classifieds (being a leftie helps with the negociation). But i have this weird excitement everytime i’m about to play with my Titleist 695 MB forged irons.

To the Therapy GC family @dougguillot @pierrejacquesyves @borisfrantz , to the @three__eagles brothers who have the best spirit, to my first coach and the greatest guy i have met in golf @francklorenzovera and his brother @mikelorenzovera_progolf to @enrangdoignons who shares many passions with me and @philmickelson who has always been one of my idols and i really hope we see him again on the pga, life is too short.